Monday, August 1, 2011

Dungeon Crawl Classics # 14: Dungeon Interludes (Part 1)

Today was an interesting experiment that helped answer the question: is it possible to play an RPG while parenting? "Yes, but not very well" is my interpretation of the results. With friends from the old Clone Wars campaign visiting here in Kingston, we decided to try another D&D module using the same characters from Malice of the Medusa (at least, Garnet the Gnome Bard and Morgan the Cleric were the same; The Wife decided to dedicate Daisy to the FR campaign and play a new character, a monk). This time, we tried "Eyes of the Night", the first part of Dungeon Interludes (DCC # 14). This adventure, designed to be completed in one session, sees the PCs enter an underground, rat-infested labryinth seeking to discover what's responsible for the massacre of the town above. Ultimately, they fight a tough were-rat in order to rescue a humanoid plant creature. It's perfectly average as a dungeon crawl, though much tougher than I initially thought, as dire rats and the big bad nearly finished off the PCs before they narrowly won. The adventure is designed to plant the seeds that tie all six of the adventures in Dungeon Interludes together (though they're not to be played consecutively as the levels vary drastically), but my PCs didn't ask about and had no real reason to be told about the connection, a gem called The Eye of Night. Anyway, it's certainly not the module's fault that we didn't exactly have the most satisfying gaming event ever--we just didn't plan well, as we only had a couple of hours to game, had to take a long break at an awkward time, kept getting interrupted, and just generally found it too distracting to take care of a little guy and role-play at the same time. So, a good lesson learned: schedule gaming for after Boomer's bedtime!

Although we didn't get to it this weekend, I picked up the new Gamma World boxed set so that someday I can try my hand at post-apocalyptic mutant fun . . .

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