Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where Are They Now? [RPG]

I've posted a lot of RPG characters on this blog over the past few years shortly after character creation. But for the most part, I've failed to mention what happened to them in the actual game. So here goes the Jhaeman's Detritus version of VH-1's Where Are They Now?

Abu Joral, Desert Mystic helped defeat a cult operating in the sewers of Waterdeep during a three-session Fourth Edition D&D game, but has not yet discovered the Worldbreaker.

Alexious, the Self-Decapitating Bard isn't really in need of a status update. Dude accidentally decapitated himself during a bar fight. The end.

Alhambara, Arch-Vizier of Mulhoric appeared in three sessions of a Pathfinder game and was quite fun to role-play: domineering, senile, and powerful. He went through a satisfactory character arc, regaining his stolen memories at the end of the game.

Antoine Marenne, the Ringmaster helped put the kibosh on a super-villain named The Phoenix during a short Heroes Unlimited game.

Charlotte Queen, Private Investigator and Nathan Castle, True Crime Writer, back-up characters designed for a modern-day Call of Cthulhu adventure, have never yet managed to appear in a gaming session.

Gabriel Knight, Private Investigator is still trapped in cliffhanger-limbo at the bottom of a rapidly-filling grain silo.

John Wilbert Dill, Spiritualist still probably never appeared in an actual session.

Major Leaf, Canadian Super Icon appeared in a few sessions of a Heroes Unlimited game. Upright and bombastic, he was very much a caricature of what would happen if Superman and Captain America were thrown into a blender. He helped uncover the sinister plot of the evil SerpaCore, but unfortunately the planned big showdown against the mini-campaign's major super-villain never took place.

Neville Robideaux, Noble Impersonator appeared in My Worst Gaming Experience Ever and never did finish delivering an unnamed item necessary to deter an unnamed evil to "the Elves."

Nphreg & Stantusta are presumably still wandering around the Forgotten Realms somewhere, with the latter's one-handededness impeding his ability to use a spetum.

Roddy McCallister, Itinerate Gravedigger was exceedingly creepy and extremely good at cracking skulls in a never-completed modern-era Call of Cthulhu adventure, and his personality was so memorable that I brought him back as an NPC in a Depression-era game, wherein he was infected by mind-altering worms and succeeded in killing a PC by cracking the poor fellow over the head with his shovel.

Secret Ninja Druid died before reaching level two, and it was probably a good thing.

Stiegg Salander, Finnish Secret Agent appeared in one session of a D20 modern game that started off with all the characters "burned" (their secret identities blown). Stiegg was approached to become a member of a secret, Freemason-like benevolent organization and, after some resistance, agreed to it. In his first mission, he proved somewhat useless in the assassination of a powerful drug dealer.

Tallossin Trailmarker and Sarabian Drowslayer unfortunately appeared in just one session of a Labyrinth Lord campaign, but they were a blast to play and both lived to fight another day, successfully killing some kobolds and giant rats.

Temeris Reginald Cottingswald III, Naive Explorer has quickly become one of my all-time favorite characters. He's appeared in fourteen sessions of adventures as part of the Royal Karameikan Fist Adventuring Company, and continues to get into all sorts of trouble with his high-spirited, naive ways. As of the most recent session, he's been turned to stone by a basilisk!

The Contessa appeared in just one session of a Doctor Who game, but stylishly prevented some sort of music-related disaster from destroying London.

Urtavius Belerophon was last seen in the foreboding mists of Ravenloft with a menagerie of summoned undead. He's a level four character, and I need a level four character now that Temeris is turned to stone . . . could this be fate?


Steve said...

Where are they now...

...Brother Jhaeman...?

Jeremy Patrick said...

I'm going to have a post about Brother Jhaeman and put up his journal entries--some day, when I have time! I want to do it right.