Sunday, February 12, 2012

How to Slash Healthcare Costs? Drink Tea!

This past weekend, The Wife and I went to a spa resort for a night. It was all-around excellent, with great food, great massages, and a relaxing atmosphere. It also featured the long-sought solution to the health care crisis: rainforest chai tea! Not only does this tea "have many positive effects on human health", "it is used against infections, bronchitis, asthma, stomach complaints and even cancer"!!!! Now, you may not have realized that the best way to deal with cancer is to knock down the rainforests to harvest bark for tea (just add vanilla!), but fortunately the good people at this spa resort did.

I guess I might as well start smoking and take that asbestos scarf out of the closet, as long as I've got a kettle nearby . . .

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CanuckMom said...

You won't be smoking in my house. Or my car. Or near me. Or near my kid. Just F.Y.I. :-)