Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Justice Inc. (1975) [COMICS]

Justice Inc., a short-lived (4 issues) 1975 DC series, featured the exploits of a crime-fighting hero from the pulp magazine era named The Avenger. The Avenger is a funky dude. After some sort of disfigurement, his face is pale white and lifeless, but with the consistency of putty so that he can manually re-arrange it to disguise himself as other people! He carries a tiny 4-shot revolver named Mike and a knife named Ike. He starts his own group of like-minded allies, including a veritable giant who is actually a genius. He fights villains who discover ways to turn airplanes invisible, cause earthquakes, and turn men into grotesque beasts. It all sounds like a lot of fun, and perhaps presented in the right way, with a sense of humor and a knowing wink, it could be. Alas, it's played deadly straight and just comes across as . . . old-fashioned and dumb. Kirby art on issues 2-4 though!

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