Friday, February 10, 2012

NFL 2011 Super Bowl Round-Up

The final results are in, and I didn't lose! I didn't win, either, but I came in safely smack dab in the middle. That means that Steve will be able to get The Wife to write a blog post on a topic of his choice, and I'm quite curious to see what he'll pick.

Patriots vs. Giants
The Wife: Patriots
Me: Giants
Steve: Patriots
WINNER: Giants


The Wife: 159-111
Me: 160-110
Steve: 172-98

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Steve - an Av in Nebr said...

I had some good thoughts on what to give you as a topic (feel free to take any of them and run with it), from "gaming in the tornado shelter ... a look back at the early days" to "fighting in hockey, why it does and doesn't belong in today's game". The latter I thought would be an interesting read because I knew you'd do your best to take on the sides with research and knowledge and present cases both for and against, and of course the first would be a fun hike through history as you recalled some of your memories of our early gaming days. I had a couple other of ideas (including "fixing all-star games, or is it impossible"), but I think it was down to those two.

As for your wife, I'm not 100% sure yet because we're not that familiar with each other except through the game. One topic that does intrigue me though is what I was calling "growing up Canadian, the hockey influence in life". Part of me would really love to hear about what it was like to grow up in Canada and how hockey fits into regular life up there even for someone that may not be a fan of the sport (I'm not sure but I think I've gotten that impression anyway...).

I'll have to think a bit longer but unless I come up with something else that might just have to be it...