Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Castle Ravenloft Bonus Adventure "Search for the Sunsword"

The Search for the Sunsword official bonus adventure puts the heroes on the trail of the legendary Sunsword, a weapon said to be powerful enough to defeat Strahd himself.  The unique thing about this scenario is that the heroes are entitled to keep the Sunsword and begin the final battle against Strahd with it in their possession.  It's not a gamechanger (+1 damage against vampires), but it sure would've been useful during the many narrow defeats we suffered at Strahd's hands.  Alas, we didn't know the scenario existed . . .

Anyway, as a standalone adventure, The Wife and I found it incredibly easy.  It's in standard "turn tiles over until you find X and then escape" format, with a twist in that a Young Vampire appears after the heroes use their first healing surge.  Well, we never had to use a healing surge, and found the Sunsword and escaped with little difficulty.  The end.

We've now completed all the official adventures for Castle Ravenloft and I think it was a good investment; we got several hours of entertainment out of it, and I can swipe the miniatures to use during traditional D&D sessions.  We've had Wrath of Arshadalon on the shelf for a while, and we're looking forward to cracking it open.

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