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Realms Toowoomba Recap # 8 [RPG]

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[13 Tarsakh 1372]

In the aftermath of the battle on the bridge spanning the Black Raven River, the group searches the bodies of the fallen Luskanites. Cain takes a suit of half-plate armor while Nakor distributes some platinum pieces. Mellia strikes up a conversation with the injured dwarves and learn they were part of a diplomatic caravan heading to Luskan who decided to stay behind and watch the bridge when they heard several reports of caravans being harassed. The topic of the bandit leader Grim comes up, and the dwarves from Mirabar confirm he is still at large and that a large reward has been offered for his death or capture. Later, as the group has moved some distance from the bridge and finds a campsite, Mellia has words with Cain about the latter's failure to follow the plan.

[14 Tarsakh 1372]

After Cain manages to hand-carve a makeshift holy symbol to replace the one lost to the slavers, Fargrim sets about shattering the manacles and the locks on the steel boxes the group was told to deliver. Inside Cain's box is a decomposing hand with a large ring (black band with a raised gold heron) on one finger. Inside Fargrim's box are several secret Luskan military plans on how to respond to an attack by Mirabar. The group discusses various approaches on what to do with these pieces of incriminating evidence--including burning them, burying them, or holding on to them. For now, the latter is chosen. Nakor spends a few minutes trying to fabricate a new document indicating that Luskan had received intelligence that Mirabar is planning an attack. Later, Meillia asks about a mysterious "Crown of Horns" but no one has any useful information on it.

As they continue marching along the road east, the group chats with a caravan that has stopped briefly. Marcus trades a masterwork longsword for a tenday's rations, much to the delight of the lucky recipient. While camped for the night, Nakor sees a contingent of Miraban heavy infantry march by heading west.

[15 Tarsakh 1372]

The group continues marching east. Marcus inadvertently insults Mellia by making a juvenile remark, and she gives him the cold shoulder. The gnome spots something that could be tracks left by bandits, and she decides to investigate on her own, promising to rejoin the group before she takes any hostile action.

[16 Tarsakh 1372]

The group has the good fortune to come across a wagon carrying merchandise from the House of Bright Blades that was hurrying west to catch up with a large caravan. The group pools their resources to purchase Fargrim an exquisitely crafted greataxe, and Nakor does some hard bargaining to buy himself some bladed weapons.

That night, terrible nightmares of their friends and families being menaced by undead abominations haunt the dreams of Nakor, Fargrim, and Cain. Fargrim seems the worst affected, and finds great difficulty getting back to sleep.

[17 Tarsakh 1372]

The group continues marching east.

[18 Tarsakh 1372]

The group continues marching east.

[19 Tarsakh 1372]

The group reaches the outskirts of Mirabar. They decide to stagger their entry to avoid detection by anyone looking for them. On his way in alone, Fargrim comes across an overturned arrow-pierced wagon with an apparently dead kobold nearby. A woman inside screams for help. Fargrim resists the impulse to go to her aid, and instead jogs back down the road for reinforcements. By the time they return, the wagon is mysteriously gone.

When Fargrim does enter Mirabar, he soon finds his old friend Bearos. The two have a joyous reunion and begin drinking at a local inn. Bearos promises to use some of his old contacts in the thieves guild to get information on where Grim might be hiding.

On their entry into Mirabar, Marcus and Nakor report they have confidential information about Luskan's movements. They are escorted to a massive fortress near the center of the city and give an account of the battle at the bridge to Thorgrim, one of the leaders of The Axe, Mirabar's army. However, they leave out any mention of their having been apparently framed for the Third High Captain's murder.

Mellia and Cain have a difficult time when they try to enter Mirabar, as a suspicious gate guard catches them in a poor lie. They're taken for interrogation, and only clever spell use by Mellia manages to get them out.

Eventually, everyone finds their way to Mirabar's most well-known resting place for travelers, The Sign of the Forgehammer. It has a dark, confusing layout, but the members of the group mostly stay apart from each other anyway in order to preserve their cover. As morning dawns, they find themselves in safe, comfortable beds for the first time in weeks.
Director's Commentary (July 5, 2013)

Nothing particularly dramatic happened this session, but it was good for the group to reach Mirabar as it was the first chance to really had to enjoy the fruits of civilization (stores, beds, etc.) since the campaign began.  The plot did progress some, as the group got some more of the Grim adventure hook (something I need to write about in greater length soon), figured out what's in the other boxes they'd been stuck with, and met Bearos--an NPC from Fargrim's backstory who will become quite significant later in the campaign.

The recap mentions that Cain took a suit of half-plate armor off one of the dead Luskans. Cain wore that armor in every subsequent session, and it became one of the memorable things about him, as the armor check penalty alone made it virtually impossible for him to do any athletic (I think his modified Swim check was -13 or something).  As I write this, we just had Session # 45 and in Session # 44 Cain finally lost the armor when surrendering to a foe.

The line about Cain carving a holy symbol out of wood also became significant.  Everyone teased him for being a cleric of the god of fire and having a wooden holy symbol, and I was able to tie it in perfectly when the character cast an attack spell and rolled a natural 1: the critical fumble card said that Cain was permanently cursed with a -4 penalty, and so I interpreted that as Kossuth being displeased with Cain's choice of holy symbol.  Synchronicity!

I'm not sure why I'm focussed on equipment right now, but this line cracks me up:  "As they continue marching along the road east, the group chats with a caravan that has stopped briefly. Marcus trades a masterwork longsword for a tenday's rations, much to the delight of the lucky recipient."  I had forgotten about that, and it's kinda like trading the family cow for a handful of beans.  Fits well with Markus' character, though.

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