Sunday, October 28, 2012

FBI Paranormal Cases [GAMES]

Jhaeman:  A couple of weeks ago, The Wife and I completed FBI Paranormal Cases, a seek-and-find game by the same company that made that Jack the Ripper game we reviewed recently (HdO Adventures).

The Wife: It was....better than Jack The Ripper. Definitely longer, something that turns out to be a big deal. This one took us multiple sessions to complete.

Jhaeman:  I liked that it had a little bit of a sense of humor, as the idea is that you're an FBI investigator very much in the vein of Mulder in the X-Files.  There's some fun gags if you pay close attention, like a villain who leaves chewing gum everywhere instead of cigarette butts . . .

The Wife: It also had some fun mini-games built in, including point & shoot games and a variety of logic/spatial puzzles. They added some nice dimension to the game. What did you think of the plot?

Jhaeman:  Exactly like the X-Files; at first it seems very cool, but ultimately incomprehensible.

The Wife: Heh. So true. The game has a built-in conceit that has you revisiting all of the locations a couple of times - for really stupid reasons like "I need to take a picture." It creates lots of interesting "cases" but never really explores them.

Jhaeman:  So all in all, an average one.  Can't say I'm inclined to go and find more HdO games.  What about you?

The Wife: I tend to agree - although since the games were among the few offered for Macs, we may end up checking them out again some time. Ultimately I'd say no where near as good as Valerie Porter, but better than Jack The Ripper or that one that was about flirty adventures in Europe.

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