Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clone Wars Campaign: Recap # 1

Over a year ago I started directing a Star Wars role-playing campaign set during the early months of the Clone Wars (i.e., in between Episode II and Episode III). The game is still going strong, so I've decided to occasionally post a recap of each session. At the very beginning, the adventuring group consisted of Arresta D'avilos (Princess of Mongui), Tarn Tamarand (young Jedi apprentice), Ycram Notwal (50ish man with a mysterious past), and Marpa Zalon (Duros technical expert). Each recap will start with the session's "Opening Crawl" and will have information only some of the players know redacted. Dates are signified in brackets with the designation "AG" which stands for the number of days After the battle of Geonosis.

Episode 2.1 "The Shadow Rises" Session 1

It is a time of Galactic Civil War. Spurred on by corruption in the Republic Senate, an overreaching bureaucracy, or simple greed, Separatists of every persuasion have convinced hundreds of worlds to secede from the Republic. Led by the respected philosopher and former Jedi Count Dooku, Separatist supporters like the Trade Federation and the Commerce Guild have built millions of battle droids to fight the Republic's Clone Troopers. Now, on the edges of Both and Hutt space, a key planet has fallen under attack by the Separatists. If Mongui falls, the Separatists will have a staging area of attacks on the Core worlds. As the battle on Mongui wages, the Republic has sent a curious delegation . . .

Tarn Tamarand seeks out Master Horellius Creen at the Jedi Temple. Creen tells Tarn that the boy can become his Padawan if he is able to return from a mission with the answer to a question. Creen forwards Tarn's name to the available mission queue, and Tarn eventually receives an order to proceed to Mongui to retrieve the Regent or one of his daughters (for unspecified reasons). Marpa Zokol is hired as a bodyguard for Tarn's expedition. Ycram Notwal is hired as an interpreter. The three board the ship Delia's Ultimatum piloted by a Bothan named Maytoc Kolene.

[60 AG]

The hyperspace coordinates they are given lead them to a trap near Mongui, as the ship arrives right in the middle of a Republic/Separatist space battle. The ship is heavily damaged by two droid starfighters, but the attackers turn back as Delia's Ultimatum limps into the atmosphere. Upon landing at the palace, the ship is greeted by the Regent (Alphon D'avilos), his daughter (Princess Arresta D'avilos), the Guards Commander (Alaan Draazi), and the Royal Steward (Jacque Duran). However, an airspeeder full of B-1 battle droids attacks. Tarn leaps aboard and quickly destroys the droids. The trio learn that there is a traitor somewhere within the palace, who has been providing information to the Separatists, including the security codes to the energy shield surrounding the city.

[61 AG]

Arresta takes the team in her personal landspeeder out to the scavenger yards to investigate her sister, Corinne D'avilos, who was disowned by her father for becoming involved with a drifter named Miklos. While in Corinne's trailer, a Separatist patrol attacks. The Separatists flee after taking heavy casualties, leaving one prisoner behind. Corinne is knocked unconscious during the fight.

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The Wife said...

These early recaps are great to have, but they do miss some of the flavour of those episodes. For example, Tarn was smitten with Arresta that minute that he saw her - and she decided to use that to her advantage (little did she realize what she was getting her into).