Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Clone Wars Campaign: Recap # 3

Episode 2.1, The Shadow Rises, Session 3

The Galactic Civil War continues. Two months after the battle at Geonosis, the Republic and the Separatists skirmish on a hundred planets. Each tries to consolidate gains but the availability of hyperspace travel makes it difficult to establish a secure front line.

A fierce battle rages on the Outer Rim planet of Kamino, where the Republic has its secret cloning facilities. The defenders knew of the impending Separatist attack but were unprepared for its intensity and the facilities have been breached. On the other side of the galaxy, Jedi Master Mace Windu has been dispatched to an obscure planet to mediate a schism within the Jedi Order.

And on the desert moon Mongui, the Republic's soldiers are beginning to relax as the Separatists appear to be withdrawing their seige. Now only a small Separatist camp remains outside the city's perimeters. Far above, in orbit, an impressive collection of Republic warships defends the sector.

Tensions are rising, however, in the Mongui Royal Palace. The Steward has disappeared, the Commander of the Guard has been eyeing everyone suspiciously, and the Regent himself has been the subject of a highly visible assassination attempt. Moments ago, the body of the Steward was discovered in Commander Alann Drazi's quarters.

And right in the middle of the conflict are three off-worlders sent by the Republic on a mysterious mission . . .

[62 AG]

While transferring Alaan through the palace, Marpa, Ycram, and Arresta are attacked by a rebel group led by Corinne. Marpa and Ycram fall prey to a stun grenade, leaving Arresta to try to track down the rebels. However, Corinne and Alaan escape. Later that morning, Marpa searches Alaan's quarters and finds a hidden datapad listing "400 units" as having been delivered. The group then discovers that Tarn has been kidnapped, and travel to the Spacer's Cluster looking for information. Marpa learns that Twitch duels at an establishment called The Vector and that he pilots a ship called the Sun Runner. Arresta makes a reservation for the surprisingly fancy Vector, and they return to the palace. Marpa and Ycram interrogate a communication's technician and suspect she has helped the rebels by turning off the monitoring systems. Word comes that the Regent is trapped in an elevator and being attacked by Corinne and Alaan. After a furious gun battle, Marpa captures Alaan and Corinne. Arresta takes a speeder to the top of the palace and rappels down the elevator shaft to save her father seconds before he would bleed to death. The group then rushes to bacta tanks to heal their wounds.

[63 AG]

Arresta finds "John Doe" Tarn at the clinic. Tarn interrogates Alaan and is told to go the southeast corner of the palace. There, the group finds a secret passage. Behind DNA-locked doors, crates of B-1 battle droids have been secretly stockpiled, with B-2 battle droids set up as guards. After a series of battles, the droids are all destroyed. After leaving the tunnels, the group runs into Lt. Jaarza (Alaan's replacement), who says that he never received their call for help and informs the group that Alaan was "killed while attempting to escape". The party is taken to a clinic to heal.

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