Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last Issue Special # 13: Dagar the Invincible

SERIES: Tales of Sword and Sorcery: Dagar the Invincible

DATE: 1972 (reprinted 1982)

THOSE RESPONSIBLE: Don Glut (writer)


Dagar the Invincible # 19 (the last issue of the series) was a reprint of # 18, which appeared a decade earlier (I guess Whitman wanted to see if it could make money reprinting old stuff that didn't sell well to begin with--they should have stuck around for a few years and got in the trade paperback business). Anyway, the final issue of this Conan-like Sword and Sorcery series features "The Origin of DAGAR!", wherein we learn that Dagar's parents were murdered by a warlord named Scorpio, leaving the orphaned boy to be trained by his grandfather who was once a great warrior (I always love a good training montage, what with the rope-climbing, rock-carrying, tree-hacking, and trainer's deathbed scene). Alas, poor Dagar is doomed never to wreak revenge on Scorpio--though in this last issue, he does take out one of Scopio's lackeys. As usual for Gold Key/Whitman, there is no letters page or acknowledgment that the series is cancelled. For those in need of Dagar-related solace, however, an interesting interview with the character's creator is up at http://www.swordandsorcery.org/int-comics-glut.asp

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