Monday, August 23, 2010

Browns 2010 Schedule

I would like to claim that my reason for blogging less in the past couple of weeks has been because I'm writing the last chapter of my dissertation and applying for teaching jobs, but probably the more accurate answer is that I've been watching a lot of preseason NFL football.

Jake Delhomme hasn't actually looked too shabby for the Browns so far, nor has his back-up, Seneca Wallace. Still, since quarterbacks like Donovan McNabb and Jason Campbell were available for trade, the Browns definitely got the short end of the stick.

The Browns are in a damned tough division (Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals are all legitimate playoff teams) and they have a hard schedule considering they only went 5-11 last year. Here's who they're up against:

Week 1: Buccanneers
Week 2: Chiefs
Week 3: Ravens
Week 4: Bengals
Week 5: Falcons
Week 6: Steelers
Week 7: Saints
Week 9: Patriots
Week 10: Jets
Week 11: Jaguars
Week 12: Panthers
Week 13: Dolphins
Week 14: Bills
Week 15: Bengals
Week 16: Ravens
Week 17: Steelers

These teams have a combined win/loss record of 132-124 (52% winning percentage). The Browns pretty much have to win their first two games (against the Bucs and Chiefs) to have a shot at an improved season, because after that wins could be few and far between: the defending champion New Orleans Saints, Tom Brady's New England Patriots, and Rex Ryan's New York Jets are all non-divisional opponents that are among the best teams in the league. After week two, it's not until facing off against the Bills in Week 14 that the Browns will be up against a team they were clearly better than last year (proved in an epic 6-3 shootout).

A grateful thanks to The Wife for allowing me to purchase Rogers NFL Sunday Ticket to watch the Browns games, since the NFL Powers That Be have decided the Browns aren't worthy of appearing in any Thursday Night, Sunday Night, or Monday Night Football games.


The Wife said...

No problem, honey. Football makes you very amusing. To any reader perusing this comment - he's usually quite placid when watching TV - unless it's football, in which case yelling and throwing things is not unheard of. Go Browns!

Bal said...

I would love to get NHL Center Ice ... but hockey available to me every night for about 3-7 hours each night (depending on schedules and the like) would probably doom me and my relationship. Every Avs game which is about one every 3rd night on average is bad enough... ;)