Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Clone Wars Campaign: Lucif Sen Diablo

Lucif Sen Diablo was the alternate character for the player who usually ran Doxen, and was introduced near the end of the campaign. Whereas everyone's favorite grumpy Ewok was a master at long-range sniping, Lucif was designed to be a melee combat machine through the use of several unarmed combat feats and talents. The character could kick the holy bejeesus out of pretty much anything single-handedly, a skill demonstrated on everything from Akk dogs to (in what would be unanimously acclaimed as the single greatest beatdown of the entire campaign) a freaking rancor! Lucif was also a talented pilot, demonstrated by his successfully navigating a sector of space filled with both asteroids and corrosive nebula, which allowed the PCs to reach the planet of the Altered in the next to last story arc. On said planet, Lucif became the party's Captain Kirk by bedding a strange alien female.

Lucif was last seen in-game on the planet Haruun Kal doing exciting things in the jungle, while unbeknownst to him his ship was destroyed during a battle between Horellius Creen and Stefan Cassadine. But I'm sure Cassadine Enterprises would have made it up to him, and Lucif could once again sail the stars, "taking jobs for fast cash and faster women."

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The Wife said...

Lucif was freaking handy to have around. And he really did pretty much punch that rancor to death. I still think that Doxen would have won in a fight - but mostly because he was so good at hiding and long-range sniping. Lucif would have had to get close to do damage.

That thing on Haruun Kal was interesting - because that player was supposed to be away and it was supposed to showcase the Daal character. Oddly enough, the player for Daal couldn't make it and the player for Lucif showed up unexpectedly. And lucky for the other characters that he did!