Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Clone Wars Campaign: Siege Commander Korg

Siege Commander Korg was an NPC that ended up with a far better personality and more "air-time" than I had originally intended. In his first incarnation, he served as the "big bad" for the first story-arc of the campaign, in his role as leader of the Separatist forces on Mongui. A MagnaGuard droid given additional responsibilities as a reward for meritorious (bloodthirsty!) services, Korg first clashed with the PCs on the roof of the Mongui Royal Palace. They managed to turn the tables on him and steal his shuttle, but not before an exciting and cinematic battle between Korg and Jedi Tarn Tamarand in the open bay doors of the shuttle as it lifted off. Instead of falling to his apparent destruction, however, Korg used his magnetic grapplers to stow away on the outer hull of the shuttle and survive to plan his revenge. Months later, he lured Arresta, Daal, and a poor bureaucrat disguised as Tarn to a remote, icy planet in Both Sector. In a one-on-duel with Arresta, however, Korg was decapitated and sank beneath icy waters.

His head was retrieved by Jocasta soon after, however, and that's when Korg 2.0 began. With his maniacally destructive personality installed in a massive war-bot chassis (seen above), he became the Sun Runners enforcer. With rocket launchers, twin E-webs, and more, Korg could destroy a small town in minutes. Still, it wasn't enough to keep him from being torn apart by a pack of Haruun Kal Akk dogs, but enough of him was scraped together by Daal to allow him to be shipped back to the Sun Runners in more-or-less operative condition.

When you add up his win-loss record, Korg turns out to be a lot like a comic book supervillain such as the Rhino or the Blob--intimidating as hell, but never actually winning a fight!

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The Wife said...

Ah, Korg. I had forgotten that he always lost in fights. He did get to step on that protocol droid in order to keep it "quiet", which was pretty amusing. And, towards the end of the campaign he was majorly reprogrammed by Daal (shocker!) so, heaven only knows what he's programmed to do now...