Friday, August 20, 2010

What I Read (2005)

Huh, while foraging for a completely different thing in a place far from where I thought they were, I came across my book log for 2005 to 2007. I know there are many of you eagerly awaiting this revelation, so REJOICE! Or something. Anyway, here's 2005.
Jan. 2, 2005 Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach "Funny, fairly interesting, & a quick read."

Jan. 7, 2005 When Freedoms Collide by A. Alan Borovoy "Good discussion of pragmatism and incrementalism."

Jan. 12, 2005 Constitutional Law of Canada, Volume 1 by Peter Hogg. "What it is."

Jan. 27, 2005 Out of the Madhouse by Nancy Holder & Christopher Golden "Buffy book, creatures escape from the 'Gatehouse'. Pretty good."

Jan. 25, 2005 U.S. Bill of Rights and Canadian Charter of Freedoms edited by William R. McKercher "Collection of not terribly useful essays."

Jan. 28, 2005 Phédre by Jean Racine "Good story about woman in love with her stepson."

Feb. 7, 2005 Rethinking Church, State, and Modernity by Lyon & Van Die "Sociology/history of religion in Canada."

Feb. 17, 2005 Pragmatism and Other Essays by William James "Argues that 'truth' of a statement should be measured by outcome of putting it into practice."

Feb. 21, 2005 Kynship by Daniel Justice

Mar. 9, 2005 Uncivil Obedience: The Tactics and Tales of a Democratic Agitator "Fairly useful book on civil liberties tactics."

Mar. 17, 2005 Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke "Good, but not as extraordinary as I'd been led to believe."

Apr. 4, 2005 Ghost Roads by Golden & Holder "Volume 2 of Buffy 'Gatekeeper Trilogy'. Well done, excellent Spike & Oz."

Apr. 10, 2005 The Double by Dostoyevsky "Very, very good POV of hallucinating, insane person."

Apr. 19, 2005 The Charter Revolution and the Court Party by Morton & Knopff "Conservative criticism of judicial activism. Very good."

May 9, 2005 Recognizing Religion in a Secular Society edited by Douglas Farrow "Not terribly interesting. Good essay on taking moral differences seriously."

May 27, 2005 Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett "Light fantasy, good humour, with touches of deeper social commentary."

June 1, 2005 Letters to a Young Contrarian by Christopher Hitchens "Okay."

June 12, 2005 Sons of Entropy by Golden & Holder "Book 3 of the Gatekeeper Trilogy. Pretty exciting."

June 2005 Queen of the Slayers by Nancy Holder "Follows the end of Season 7. Some very good stuff, but a weird ending."

July 7, 2005 Feet of Clay by Terry Pratchett "Discworld novel with golem-religious theme. Very funny and good."

July 19, 2005 Crossings by Mel Odom "Buffy book where VR game testers get sucked into another dimension. Average."

July 27, 2005 Spark & Burn by Diana C. Gallagher "Basically a novelization of some Spike appearances--not particularly good."

July 30, 2005 Jump Start Your Book Sales by Marilyn & Tom Ross "Useful, but more for self-published non-fiction."

July, 2005 Meet the Stars of Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Jan Gabriel "A fun, breezy bio of the main stars and how they got started on the show."

Aug. 3, 2005 Justice Behind the Walls "A book on corrections in Canada--some good stuff & stories."

Aug. 2005 Paleo by Yvonne Navara "A surprisingly good Buffy book about reanimated spirits."

Sep. 2005 The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Expéry "Very sweet book"

Sep. 28, 2005 The Suicide King by Robert Joseph Levy "Buffy choose-your-own-adventure book. Very hard--tried 3 times, but well written."

Oct. 18, 2005 The Evil That Men Do by Nancy Holder "Just not very interesting."

Nov. 1, 2005 Divided by God by Noah Feldman "Proposes solution to church/state conflict."

Nov. 2005 Keep Me In Mind by Nancy Holder "Not so good Buffy choose-your-own adventure book."

Nov. 2005 I'll Trade You an Elk by Charles A. Goodrum "Memoir of boy whose father stumbled into running a zoo. Reasonably entertaining."

Nov. 2005 Colony by Berns & Metz "Choose-your-own adventure Buffy book, with ant creatures. Pretty good."

Dec. 3, 2005 Fledging by Octavia Butler "Modern vampire story. I was rather disappointed--not very interesting or well written."

Dec. 14, 2005 Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Philosophy edited by James B. South "A few interesting essays, especially the ones critical of the show."

Dec. 30, 2005 Village Evenings Near Dikanka and Mirgorod by Nikolai Gogol "Collection of short stories, heavy fantasy influence (devil appears frequently), with mix of moods."

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The Wife said... from this, you were in between a Buffy Book and that Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell when we met. And by May, I had you reading stuff I was recommending. Which, as I recall, I used to do by sneaking stuff into your book queue.