Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crash Ryan [Comics]

Crash Ryan was a labor of love for writer/artist Ron Harris, and the quality shows. Released as a four issue, no ads limited series by Marvel's Epic imprint in 1985, the comic features great artwork and a story very evocative of 1930s serials and period visions of what the future of aviation would look like. Issue # 1 introduces the eponymous Crash Ryan, freelance pilot, and the threat of an evil warlord of the skies named Doom and his fleet of advanced combat aircraft. # 2 sees Crash join the United Airmen, a private air force that is the only chance the world has to stop Doom. In # 3, Doom launches a surprise attack and captures Japan, setting its factories to produce even more machines of war. # 4 reveals Doom's real identity and motives, and the final battle between him and Crash Ryan. It's a solid adventure story with some great aerial combats, very reminescent in style (though of course predating) Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. The story is complete in this series, but Crash Ryan apparently appeared later in a few issues of Dark Horse Presents.

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