Sunday, June 19, 2011

Troublemaker Books 1 & 2 [Comics]

The local library got in a few graphic novels on its new arrivals shelves, so I quickly snagged Troublemaker Books 1 & 2. It was mostly the artwork that caught my eye--slightly cartoonish but realistic, uncluttered, colorful, and just plain fun. The story itself (each volume is one half) is a mystery starring characters who first appeared in traditional novels. The leads are a racecar driver and his assistant, but the story takes place completely off the track. There's some great flirty banter between the leads and good supporting characters. The mystery, concerning voodoo and a missing statue of Baron Samedi, is servicable but not great. I don't think these two volumes are worth $ 18 each, but definitely worth reading for free or cheap. I enjoyed the light tone so much I'm planning on checking out the actual novels next.

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