Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cyclops (Ltd. 2001) [Comics]

The 2001 Cyclops limited series provides a good demonstration of why the character remains popular enough to appear in most iterations of the X-Men but not popular enough to sustain an on-going solo series. Scott Summers is a natural team leader and tactitian, and his interaction with characters like Professor X, Emma Frost, Wolverine have provided some great subplots over the years. On the other hand, his one-dimensional power and seriousness means his solo adventures are on on the bland side.

Issue # 1 starts with Xavier telling Scott to take a few personal days from the X-Men. Scott heads out on his motorcycle, only to run into an ambush by long-time X-foes Black Tom Cassidy and Juggernaut. They've been hired by a mysterious villain named Ulysses. There's a great fight scene in this issue, showing off why Cyclops is a thinking man's warrior. Issue # 2 introduces Ulysses, who is capable of super-speed and invisibility. He blames Cyclops for the death of friends caught in the crossfire of an old mutant conflict. Scott escapes, but is trapped in a cave-in in the Savage Land. The third ish sees him aiding a group of blind tribespeople against a creature called the Visigon. #4 has Scott escaping and tracking down Ulysses and his allies in Paraguay. They wear high-tech battlesuits that reflect concussion blasts, but Scott of course figures out a way to defeat them anyway.

Overall, a perfectly average super-hero yarn.

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