Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wonder Man: My Fair Super Hero [Comics]

Wonder Man: My Fair Super Hero was a five-issue limited series with an interesting premise. After going on and on about how no one is irredeemable and everyone has a spark of good in them, Wonder Man is challenged to personally oversee the rehabilitation of a super-villain. He picks a young assassin named Ladykiller as his subject, and with the reluctant help of Ms. Marvel and Beast, sets about on a major reformation project. The series has a great, albeit underdeveloped framing sequence that takes place in some far-flung future where the immortal Wonder Man is the only living being left on Earth. The book is written by Peter David which pretty much guarantees good dialogue and some laugh-out-loud moments, but the artwork is ugly in places, especially when it comes to anatomy. I picked up the TPB for $ 5 and think that's about right in terms of value

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