Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Castle Ravenloft Adventure # 12: "The Hunt for Strahd, Part 1"

The penultimate adventure!  Here, the heroes are given a straightforward task: kill Strahd and his bodyguard.  There's two twists in this scenario: first, the opportunity to find some of the "adventure treasures" that could be quite handy; and second, although only one of Strahd's bodyguards will appear, it's determined randomly (and secretly) each game, and could range from relative weaklings like the Kobold Sorceror or tougher adversaries like the Zombie Dragon.  The Wife and I considered our spate of good luck, as we drew the former, and found it relatively easy to defeat both Klak and Strahd.  Strahd, it should be noted, only needs to be reduced to 5 hp or less before he turns into mist in order to escape for the next adventure.  We didn't follow any special strategies for this one; we used five heroes and wandered around until enough tiles were turned over and the battle could begin.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused with this adventure. Are you sure the adventure ends when Strahd reaches 5HP? I really wish the rules were more clear. Part of me agrees with you. But the other part thinks that since the "Strahd's Crypt" tile is not in play, then you ignore that instruction and Strahd keeps fighting until he is at zero HP. Rules are very unclear, which is frustrating!

Jeremy Patrick said...

I can't say I'm sure the adventure ends when Strahd reaches 5 hp. Castle Ravenloft has notoriously vague rules, and I can certainly see an argument both ways.