Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thirty Days of Graphic Novels, Day Seven: "Super Boxers"

The whole idea of a graphic novel about "Super Boxers" makes me smile, and I think you gotta admit it's kind of a goofy idea.  In this future, boxers are outfitted with special gloves that make their punches hit with seven times the amount of force as normal (cf. "Kickpuncher: His Punches Are As Powerful as Kicks!") and they wear special helmets and body armor to protect themselves.  I laugh, but I got to hand it to Ron Wilson for running with the idea and placing the core concept into an SF world that has had at least a little bit of thought into it.  In the future of Super Boxers, rival corporations have assumed almost all the power on Earth and have reduced most people to working for a pittance.  Super Boxing is entertainment for the elite, but there's also a secret and illegal underground boxing circuit for the poor.  One of the underground's best boxers gets caught up in a power-play topside and is sent to fight a product of corporate science and genetic manipulation.  The question of who wins the match has serious consequences for the future of corporate domination.

It still sounds a little goofy as I write it, but really Super Boxers isn't bad.  Perhaps reminiscent of Rocky III in some ways (with corporations subbing in for the Soviet Union), but carried off better than it could have been.

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