Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thirty Days of Graphic Novels, Day Ten: "The Question: Pipeline"

As much as massive universe-altering crossovers get criticized, I loved The Question storyline throughout the weekly 52 event a few years back.  It treated Vic Sage with real love and respect, and made his successor take on the role in a very natural manner.  The Question: Pipeline is a collection of what I assume were back-up strips from the pages of Detective Comics featuring Renee Montoya as The Question.  The book begins with Montoya still working with Professor Rodor and running a hotline where people who have problems can call in for help.  One such call sets Montoya looking for a missing illegal immigrant, and soon the missing woman's trail leads to a massive world-wide smuggling operation.  The first half of the book is the best, full of exciting action scenes and with a nice conclusion.  The serialized nature of the short strips makes for a lot of cliffhangers, but it works well.  The second half of the book continues with Montoya on the trail of the mastermind behind the smuggling ring, but is a little bit more of a standard superhero book.  Montoya teams up with The Huntress to take on the super-villain who is behind everything.  The comic implies that the villain created the whole smuggling ring just to lure Montoya into his grasp for revenge, but that doesn't make a lot of sense (nor do other motivations behind the villains' actions).  So overall, somewhat uneven; but if you're a fan of The Question, it's working picking up.

And I have no idea what the character is up to, if anything at all, in the rebooted continuity . . .

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