Thursday, October 21, 2010

Clone Wars Campaign: A'tel Por'Ten, Jedi Poet

A'tel was a Jedi PC that joined the group at the beginning of the crucial City of Sand storyline. The character added an interesting element to the group, because he was idealistic, heroic, and even prone to oratory and poet writing--in all respects, different than the other PCs that then made up the group. This created some excellent role-playing opportunities, even if the other, more cynical PCs seemed to think of him as a "naive kid brother."

The character got a chance to shine during the Hostile Takeover story-arc set in the Corporate Sector. A'tel's brother, Garritt Por'Ten, lured him and the other PCs there to continue a long sibling rivalry. A'tel managed to defeat his brother in a duel (which a little help from some friends) and lead a successful attack on a fortified Separatist encampment at the Joriander Beacon.

As time went on in the campaign, A'tel seemed to lose some of his initial faith in the Republic and drifted from cause to cause: the Jedi Order, Clones, his friends, and more. In a shocking turning point, the character decided to voluntarily undergo the Acceleration process at a forgotten Arkanian colony. A'tel was reborn as a vastly more powerful and intelligent being, but also one inhuman and soulless. In his new incarnation, the being formerly known as A'tel only wanted one thing: complete mastery of the Force.

A'tel Por'Ten
Level 12 Jedi Knight

Human Male, Age 20, Height: 1.9 m, Weight: 73 kg

Strength: 12 (+1)

Dexterity: 16 (+3)

Constitution: 15 (+2)

Intelligence: 14 (+2)

Wisdom: 16 (+3)

Charisma: 12 (+1)

Fort. Defence: 16 (house rule), 26 (normal)

Reflex Defence: 17 (house rule), 27 (normal)

Will Defence: 15 (house rule), 25 (normal)

Hit Points: 99

Damage Threshold: 26

Speed: 6

Initiative: +12

Force Points: 6

Languages: Basic

Combat: Lightsaber + 14, d. 2d8+8; Combat Gloves +11, d. 1d6+4

Skills: Acrobatics +14, Climb +7, Deception +7, Endurance +8, Gather Information +7, Initiative +14, Jump +7, Knowledge (Jedi Lore) + 13, Mechanics +8, Perception +9, Persuasion +7, Pilot +9, Ride +9, Stealth +9, Survival +9, Swim +7, Treat Injury +9, Use Computer +8, Use the Force +13

Talents: Weapon Specialization (lightsaber), Battle Meditation, Forceful Warrior, Lightsaber Defence, Build Lightsaber, Ataru Lightsaber Form, Force Point Recovery

Feats: Force Sensitivity, Weapon Proficiency (lightsaber), Weapon Proficiency (simple), Martial Arts I, Acrobatic Strike, Force Training, Weapon Focus (lightsaber), Strong in the Force

Force Powers: Battle Strike, Force Stun, Surge, Force Thrust

Equipment: Lightsaber, Combat Gloves, Comlink, Pocket Scrambler, Code Cylinder, Datapad, Aquata Breather, Breath Mask, Electrobinoculars, Glow Rod, Fusion Lantern, All-Temperature Cloak, Synthrope, Binder Cuffs

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The Wife said...

A'tel was a really great character. As you said, different than the rest of us, but that created a great dynamic. He had a very tragic story arc - in that he seemed to really struggle to find something to believe in. He still had some pretty cool moments though - and is still sadly missed.