Thursday, October 14, 2010

Torchwood Online Game: Mission # 6

It's been several months since I've posted about the Torchwood Online Game, but since the posts are apparently about as popular as anything on the site, I'll try to finish the game before the websites and links eventually die out.

When we last left off, we discovered that Natalie Blake had killed her twin sister Naomi and geneticist Fischer on behalf of the New Eden research facility led by John Winters, but was then mysteriously murdered herself at the Century Hotel in Cardiff.

The goal of Mission # 6 of the Torchwood Online Game is to discover the identity (or pseudonym) of the leak inside New Eden that had been feeding information to Fischer. The following documents are provided as clues:

1. An Internet access log of Natalie Blake, showing that, before her death, she researched some unusual stories on the BBC, looked up Wikipedia on twins and heart defects, and visited an usual website: The last website is password protected.

2. A newspaper reporting how mysterious figures (including one wearing an old-fashioned greatcoat) trundled a body into a waiting black SUV outside the Century Hotel (i.e., Torchwood recovering Natalie's body).

3. A letter from "Aaron" at "the Pharm" advising "John" that Natalie's nose-job should be performed by "Laura" (Laura Winters at the Venus Clinic).

4. A Torchwood autopsy report confirming that the body found at the Century Hotel is indeed Natalie, and that she was killed by a poison administered by the Pharm.

5. A note from Ianto, reminding investigators, as always, to listen to Dark Talk.

Dark Talk this week consists only of a long eye-witness account of Torchwood removing the body from the Century Hotel. I like the concept of a conspiracy-oriented radio show, and wouldn't mind seeing Abigail Crowe written into some flashback fiction.

Discovering the solution to the mission requires visiting the Blake Enquiries website (# 1, above) and putting in the password "Naomi". This brings up a video from Natalie in which she appears disoriented and confused about having killed her sister, blames John Winters and New Eden for planting something alien inside her body, and claims that the whistleblower inside the organization will use the codeword "Blue Sky" to contact her on the next episode of Dark Talk.
Thus, the solution to Mission # 6 is "Blue Sky"

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