Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fantasy Football 2010 Week Five

This week I won a relatively low-scoring affair, 70-41. Seventy points isn't enough to win a lot of games, but if your opponent does that badly then I'll take it. It was actually relatively close until the Monday night game, as I went into it with just an 11 point lead and we each had our D/ST going head to head (me with the Jets and my opponent with the Vikings)--fortunately, I got 16 points out of the deal and he got -2, so I ended up with a comfortable victory.
I had to start Matt Ryan and Austin Collie since Tom Brady and Wes Welker were on byes, and they didn't produce much for me, nor did my Packers TE, Jermichael Finley, who went and injured himself (some reports indicate he's out for the season). Still, I've already equaled my entire number of victories from last season and I'm tied for first in the division (the league actually has four teams at 4-1, two teams at 3-2, three teams at 1-4, and some poor bastard at 0-5).

For next week, I've dropped Finley and will be starting the Vikings' Visanthe Shiancoe. I'm also thinking of staying with Matt Ryan at QB simply because Tom Brady is going up against one of the best defences in the league (the Ravens). I've got a few players who are somewhat injured and still in the "will they/won't they" play status. The good news is that I'm up against that 0-5 team.

The Wife's team had its worst performance to date by far, and fell from perfection in a 68-122 rout.

Accelerated Sun Runners (70 Points)

QB Matt Ryan (9 Points)
RB Ahmad Bradshaw (8 Points)
RB Peyton Hillis (10 Points)
RB/WR Donald Driver (5 Points)
WR Terrell Owens (16 Points)
WR Austin Collie (4 Points)
TE Jermichael Finley (0 Points)
D/ST Jets (16 Points)
K Ryan Longwell (2 Points)

775 Socially Inept2 (41 Points)

QB Drew Brees (13 Points)
RB Arian Foster (2 Points)
RB Thomas Jones (1 Point)
RB/WR Mike Tolbert (7 Points)
WR Andre Johnson (9 Points)
WR DeSean Jackson (2 Points)
TE Tony Moeaki (5 Points)
D/ST Vikings (-2 Points)
K Neil Rackers (4 Points)


Bal said...

Good to see you are continuing to win. I got another myself this week and our league's only undefeated team fell as well getting crushed by a 1-3 team by nearly 90 points (almost as many points as I had total...).

Brees didn't have a strong week for me, and neither did most of my team including Clayton who got hurt early. Lloyd had a big day for the Donkeys though and that saved me, along with my opponent getting only .5 points from one reciever and no points from another. Next week I go up against Payton if I remember correctly and the previously unbeaten team that fell this week so I'm going to need strong performances from everyone to pull it out...

QB Drew Brees 28.00
WR Reggie Wayne 10.00
WR Brandon Lloyd 27.50
RB Ahmad Bradshaw 9.50
RB Jamaal Charles 8.50
W/T Mark Clayton 0.50
K Neil Rackers 4.00
DEF New Orleans 7.00
Total 95.00

QB Eli Manning 38.50
WR Roddy White 18.50
WR Anquan Boldin 0.50
RB Adrian Peterson 10.50
RB DeAngelo Williams 6.50
W/T Jacoby Jones 0.00
K David Akers 10.00
DEF Green Bay 8.00
Total 92.50

For what it's worth a week into the hockey season my 5 leagues there are 1st, 1st, 2nd, and 4th and I'm winning the one head-to-head thus far ... but it is extremely early and I've seen areas that will be problems already needing addressed...

Jeremy Patrick said...

Wow, that was a close game you managed to squeak through! I never would have expected Eli Manning to put up so many points for your opponent's team.