Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fantasy Football 2010 Week Seven

The good news is I'm still (tied for) second place in my division.

The bad news is I got creamed again. Bad. By The Wife.

I lost 69-112, and it would have been worse if her starting QB (Tony Romo) hadn't been injured early in the Monday night game. I had four players score in double-digits which sounds good, but then I also had four players score less than five points each. Ryan Mathews has continued to under-perform at RB and my QB Tom Brady hasn't really been stellar. I guess I'm lucky my kicker, Sebastian Janikowski of the Raiders, got to kick seven extra points in their mauling of the Broncos.

Speaking of the Raiders, I lost by 43 points. Can you guess how many points Oakland RB Darren McFadden scored for The Wife's team? 43.

Next week looks like trouble too, as my two consistently-producing starting running backs (Peyton Hillis and Ahmad Bradshaw) are on byes. That means I'm stuck with Ryan Mathews again, and have had to go to waivers to pick up the Patriots' Danny Woodhead (from Chadron State!). With Woodhead starting along with Tom Brady and Wes Welker, I'm putting all my eggs in the Patriots' basket.

Accelerated Sun Runners (69 Points)

QB Tom Brady: 10 Points
RB Ryan Mathews: 1 Point
RB Ahmad Bradshaw: 11 Points
RB/WR Peyton Hillis: 12 Points
WR Terrell Owens: 14 Points
WR Jabar Gaffney: 5 Points
TE Marcedes Lewis: 4 Points
D/ST Falcons: 1 Point
K Sebastian Janikowski: 11 Points

Team SuperLoudRupert (112 Points)

QB Tony Romo: 5 Points
RB Darren McFadden: 43 Points
RB Brandon Jackson: 15 Points
RB/WR Louis Murphy: 2 Points
WR Johnny Knox: 14 Points
WR Derrick Mason: 4 Points
TE Zach Miller: 12 Points
D/ST Ravens: 5 Points
K Stephen Gostkowstki: 12 Points


The Wife said...

I believe some smack talking person has been hoisted on his own petard. Yeah, I beat you. And it makes me happy. :-)

Bal said...

I too got creamed this week. Nearly doubled up in points...

Funny thing, I had McFadden on the bench and missed out on those 44 points (and I played the wrong D getting only 2 points from NO where if I had gone with Seattle could have had 16). Still those extra 46 points would have only gotten me close, not a win. Owens had a good week but Welker and Lloyd combined for only 8 points...

My opponent had Palmer who had his best week in forever, getting 49 points himself, Sproles and Harvin both had over 25 points a piece.

Final score was 156-89.5 bad guys. Good news is that the other top teams fell and I'm tied atop the board with a 5-2 record with two other teams. Need to have a few strong weeks...