Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fantasy Football 2010 Week Four

First, apologies for sparse posting--teaching, finishing the dissertation, and being out of town every weekend (it seems) has made it hard to find time.

Another big win in week 4 (109-71) brings me to 3-1 and tied for first in my division. I'm glad I kept Terrell Owens (28 points) even though he had been getting few points in previous weeks (and I'm especially happy that, despite his great game, the Browns got their first win!). Strong production from running backs this time around, with Ahmad Bradshaw (17 points) and Peyton Hillis (16 points) combining for about a third of my total. My big mistake, which fortunately didn't cost me the game, was leaving in Garrett Hartley, the Saints kicker who didn't play because of some mistakes in previous games. Next week I'll be starting Ryan Longwell (Minnesota) in his place, and adding some subs in since Tom Brady & Wes Welker are on byes.

I'm not sure why, but my opponent's kicker, the Bengals' Mike Nugent, apparently didn't play either. Reggie Wayne (17 points) and LeSean McCoy (15 points) were productive for that team, but no one was outstanding.

And The Wife moves to 4-0, the only undefeated team in the league! Week 7 we go head-to-head, and I'll be bringing my A-game . . .

Accelerated Sun Runners (109 Points)

Tom Brady: 10
Ahmad Bradshaw: 17
Peyton Hillis: 16
Donald Driver: 14
Wes Welker: 7
Terrell Owens: 28
Jermichael Finley: 9
Jets D/ST: 8
Garrett Hartley: 0

Kentucky The Garrs (71 Points)

Donovan McNabb: 10
Cedric Benson: 6
LeSean McCoy: 15
Malcolm Floyd: 4
Reggie Wayne: 17
Chad Ochocinco: 5
Brent Celek: 8
Saints D/ST: 6
Mike Nugent: 0


Bal said...

I also improved to 3-1 (one co-worker is 4-0 and dominating every week right now). This week could have turned out to be a week of bad decisions, and might in the long run anyway.

First despite my suggestion that Owens could have a big week I didn't play him. My recievers weren't bad but Owens himself had like 30 points this week. Instead I played Lloyd who did fine.

Then I thought about getting Tomlinson but waivered on the idea and then someone else got him first. That might cost me in the long run though my backs aren't horrible.

Finally I decided to give the Colts D a shot and they were horrible, costing me a point.

Thankfully their QB was Vick who only got them 4.5 pts and that was the difference between a win and loss this week...

QB Drew Brees 31.50
WR Reggie Wayne 24.50
WR Brandon Lloyd 16.50
RB Ahmad Bradshaw 18.00
RB Darren McFadden 15.00
W/T Wes Welker 11.00
K Neil Rackers 7.00
DEF Indianapolis -1.00
Total 122.50

QB Michael Vick 4.50
WR Calvin Johnson 23.00
WR Larry Fitzgerald 8.50
RB LeSean McCoy 21.00
RB Mike Tolbert 17.00
W/T Dallas Clark 15.50
K Stephen Gostkowski11.00
DEF Carolina 7.00
Total 107.50

Bal said...

Oh ... and appology accepted for not posting for like a week. Don't let it happen again though...

Jeremy Patrick said...

Yeah, it definitely looks like you got lucky that Vick got injured early in the game. The Wife has LaDanian Tomlinson and gets a lot of points out of him, since he's become the Jets featured back. I'm glad I stuck with Terrell Owens one more week.

I find it hard to keep up with all the players who have minor injuries and are listed as Probable or Questionable, because I can't predict whether they'll actually play on Sunday or not . . .I think both Peyton Hillis and Ahmad Bradshaw have had stuff happen to them this week.

What was the big idea with starting the Colts defense? ;)