Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fantasy Football 2011 Week 11

An interesting week and an interesting game, as I found a couple of my key RBs (Darren Sproles and Arian Foster) on byes and had to sub in some dubious back-ups (Battle & Branch), neither of whom produced much. I had an interesting quandary at QB: Tebow vs. a stout Jets defense, a sinking Ryan Fitzpatrick against the Dolphins, or a mediocre (this season) Philip Rivers against the Bears? I squared the circle by dropping Fitzpatrick and claiming Carson Palmer off of waivers, and he did pretty good (though not significantly different than Tebow would have). What one me this game was (for once!) some quality production from my wide receivers and another great game from Gronkowski, the best free agent pick-up I've made this season by far.

The win puts me at 10-1, two games ahead of The Wife with two games left! And who do I play this Sunday? The Wife!


QB C. Palmer: 16
RB D. Murray: 10
RB J. Battle: 3
RB/WR D. Branch: 1
WR D. Jackson: 8
WR V. Cruz: 18
TE R. Gronkowski: 21
D/ST Jets: 6
K J. Hanson: 7

SACKED AGAIN (79 Points)

QB A. Smith: 17
RB C. Johnson: 2
RB M. Morris: 2
RB/WR D. Bryant: 12
WR B. Marshall: 0
WR N. Washington: 23
TE V. Davis: 12
D/ST Ravens: 3
K N. Novak: 8

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