Friday, November 11, 2011

Fantasy Football 2011 Week 9 (a.k.a., You're on the List, DeSean Jackson!)

A heartbreaking upset delivered my first loss in 2011, and I know just who to blame: DeSean Jackson! Trailing by just one point going into Monday Night Football, I still had the Eagles best deep-threat left to play. One catch for 20+ yards is all I asked! Instead, Jackson ran once for 10 yards (+1 point), fumbled once on a kick return (-2 points), and then had two catches for 16 yards (+1 point), leaving him with a big fat zero for the game. The fact that he was targeted 8 times and dropped a pass on the final play of the game made for an agonizing MNF experience for me ;)

I would rescind my tithes to Tymora, but I really can't complain as I've been extremely lucky this season. Although it's ironic that the first time I lost was the same game I scored my highest point total so far this season, at least the extra points will help out in a tie-breaker--which may end up being necessary, as now The Wife's team is just one game back in the division and I play the dreaded Tantor Houser team this weekend.

Whipped Cream (118 Points)

QB A. Rodgers: 30
RB S. Jackson: 14
RB J. Starks: 6
RB/WR J. Nelson: 16
WR G. Jennings: 10
WR W. Welker: 14
TE S. Chandler: 2
D/ST Packers: 12
K N. Rackers: 14

Ultimate Sun Runners (117 Points)

QB T. Tebow: 23
RB A. Foster: 20
RB D. Sproles: 15
RB/WR D. Murray: 17
WR D. Jackson: 0
WR V. Cruz: 9
TE R. Gronkowski: 16
D/ST Texans: 14
K R. Lindell: 3

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