Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fantasy Football 2011 Week 12

A big win over The Wife thanks to Victor Cruz on MNF, and I clinch the division (and the # 1 seed in the playoffs) while improving my record to 11-1. The team is firing on all cylinders now, and I got a double-digit performance from every player except Darren Sproles (7) and Jason Hanson (0). I made a big mistake in retrospect going with Hanson and dropping Janikowski because of his hamstring boo-boo, so I plan to rectify that for next week.

Ultimate Sun Runners (110 Points)

QB Tim Tebow: 15
RB Arian Foster: 12
RB DeMarco Murray: 12
RB/WR Darren Sproles: 7
WR Deion Branch: 12
WR Victor Cruz: 27
TE Rob Gronkowski: 11
D/ST Texans: 14
K Jason Hanson: 0

I'm With Boomer (86 Points)

QB Josh Freeman: 8
RB Matt Forte: 7
RB Pierre Thomas: 16
RB/WR Santonio Holmes: 10
WR Hakeem Nicks: 8
WR Vincent Jackson: 2
TE Jimmy Graham: 20
D/ST Bears: 6
K David Akers: 9

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