Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NFL 2011 Week 10 Predictions

Here we go!

Raiders @ Chargers
The Wife: Chargers
Me: Chargers (Carson Palmer made some great throws last week, but some terrible ones as well. But so did Rivers, so who the hell knows?)
Steve: Chargers

Cardinals @ Eagles
The Wife: Eagles
Me: Eagles (my guess: a blow-out)
Steve: Eagles

Titans @ Panthers
The Wife: Panthers
Me: Panthers
Steve: Panthers

Texans @ Buccaneers
The Wife: Texans
Me: Texans (they finally look like they're going to win the South)
Steve: Texans

Redskins @ Dolphins
The Wife: Redskins
Me: Dolphins (Redskins continue the downward spiral)
Steve: Redskins

Jaguars @ Colts
The Wife: Jaguars
Me: Colts
Steve: Colts ("could this finally be the week???")

Broncos @ Chiefs
The Wife: Broncos
Me: Chiefs (not sure here . . .)
Steve: Broncos ("KC is going the wrong direction . . . could we see a 7-9 or 8-8 Broncos win the division?")

Bills @ Cowboys
The Wife: Bills
Me: Cowboys
Steve: Cowboys ("though I'm waffling on this choice even as I go to hit send")

Saints @ Falcons
The Wife: Saints
Me: Saints
Steve: Saints ("still not liking the Saints right now")

Rams @ Browns
The Wife: Rams
Me: Browns (okay, okay, now everything comes together for the Browns!)
Steve: Browns ("I hope for your sake because they need to win once in a while, right?")

Steelers @ Bengals
The Wife: Steelers
Me: Steelers (a real test of how good the Bengals really are this year)
Steve: Steelers ("I wanted to say Cincy but changed my mind")

Ravens @ Seahawks
The Wife: Ravens
Me: Ravens
Steve: Ravens

Giants @ 49ers
The Wife: Giants
Me: 49ers
Steve: Giants ("this game used to mean a lot . . . remember a time when both teams were looking forward to an undefeated Monday night matchup before they each lost the week before and thus were like 8-1 going in instead . . . and while I'd love to see the '9ers return to that glory I'm just not sold on their record being an indicator of where they are even though their only loss was in OT")

Lions @ Bears
The Wife: Bears
Me: Bears (Cutler and Forte are playing well . . .)
Steve: Lions ("why do I feel I'm making the 'Suh homer vote' here and should choose Chicago if I'm being honest")

Patriots @ Jets
The Wife: Patriots
Me: Jets (becoming a real rivalry in the AFC East)
Steve: Patriots

Vikings @ Packers
The Wife: Packers
Me: Packers
Steve: Packers ("lookout Miami of '72 . . . these Pack could threaten that only undefeated team beginning to end record of yours")

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