Monday, January 18, 2010

The Colossus of Destiny

The Colossus of Destiny is the fourth in Dark Horse Comics' series of Clone Wars quarterly digests. This one is very Mace Windu focussed and tells of the Jedi's return to a planet (named Simcodia) he helped liberate in his younger days. This time out, the planet is trapped between the Republic and the Separatists because it's one of the few places to obtain a rare mineral (not super original, there). One of the planet's political leaders, a young Prince, decides to awaken an ancient, legendary weapon called the Ardana Shadex. Basically, a giant Sentinel-style robot. There's lots of jumping around and fighting, though the comic tries to make us feel for the supposed moral dilemmas that Mace is put through as a warrior during the Clone Wars.
Verdict: average example of the line.

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