Thursday, December 1, 2011

NFL 2011 Week 13 Predictions

Week 13 sees a lot of unanimous picks . . .

Eagles @ Seahawks
The Wife: Eagles
Me: Eagles (Vince Young & LeSean McCoy should get it done)
Steve: Eagles

Panthers @ Bucs
The Wife: Bucs
Me: Bucs
Steve: Panthers

Bengals @ Steelers
The Wife: Steelers
Me: Bengals (Bengals have to win one of these to prove they're for real)
Steve: Steelers

Falcons @ Texans
The Wife: Falcons
Me: Falcons (with Texans on their third-string rookie QB making his first start, Falcons are a veritable lock)
Steve: Texans

Jets @ Redskins
The Wife: Jets
Me: Jets
Steve: Jets

Colts @ Patriots
The Wife: Pats
Me: Pats (sad the NFL's former marquee match-up has come to this . . .)
Steve: Pats ("ok, I won't pick Indy this week")

Raiders @ Dolphins
The Wife: Raiders
Me: Raiders
Steve: Raiders

Broncos @ Vikings
The Wife: Broncos
Me: Broncos
Steve: Vikings

Titans @ Bills
The Wife: Bills
Me: Titans
Steve: Bills

Chiefs @ Bears
The Wife: Bears
Me: Bears (battle of the second-string QBs . . .)
Steve: Bears

Ravens @ Browns
The Wife: Ravens
Me: Ravens
Steve: Ravens

Cowboys @ Cardinals
The Wife: Cowboys
Me: Cowboys
Steve: Cowboys

Packers @ Giants
The Wife: Packers
Me: Packers
Steve: Packers

Rams @ 49ers
The Wife: 49ers
Me: 49ers
Steve: 49ers

Lions @ Saints
The Wife: Saints
Me: Saints
Steve: Saints

Chargers @ Jaguars
The Wife: Jaguars
Me: Chargers (another mediocre prime-time game; I can only assume ratings are down this year . . .)
Steve: Chargers


Steve - an Av in Nebr said...

You're slacking in your posting. Come on man. Need a week 13 recap of the picks race, need a "what's up with Temeris" from the player post ... and while I was going to go on I'll just leave it at that and say "Post more!" ;)

...and before you say anything, yes, I need to post more as well and hope to have time to soon. Got last night's recap to do, watched some movies recently, wanna touch on Friday Night Lights, etc...

Jeremy Patrick said...

I hear you. Everyday I wake up with plans to post a bunch of stuff every night before bed, and every night I only have a few minutes to myself or I'm just too tired to do anything but watch the Daily Show and go to bed :) I'm actually proud of myself for doing two prediction posts and a fantasy football update each week prior to the next Sunday, but there's a ton of more substantive posts I'd like to do if I could find the time. Maybe I'll see about doing some more blogging over the lunch hour . . .

Jeremy Patrick said...
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