Friday, September 30, 2011

Clone Wars Campaign: The Accelerated

The Accelerated were a race of extraordinarily advanced, genetically modified beings capable of unheard of feats of technological and psychic achievement. Evolved from The Altered (themselves genetically modified Arkanians), The Accelerated were largely devoid of emotion or compassion, but capable of great cruelty. When the existence of the Anomaly became known to them, they quickly discerned its true purpose and origin. During an attempt to seize the Anomaly and use it to bring about the end of the present universe and the beginning of another, The Accelerated were killed by telepathic thought spores smuggled aboard their vessel by a small group of adventurers.


Str. +0, Dex. +0, Con. +0, Wis. +6, Int. +6, Cha. +0

Init. +25, Spd. 6 (Levitate), Size Medium

Defenses: Reflex +7, Fortitude +25, Will +30

Hit Points: 25+1d10 (SR: 50)

Psionic Blast: +30 vs. Will, 10d6 damage, -2 Condition Track

Reactive Defense: +30 vs. Will, Control action for 1 round

Precognition: Ability to prediction actions with 90% accuracy

Skills: Use Computer +30, Knowledge: Technology +30, Perception +15

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