Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NFL Week 1 Round-up

An exciting and surprising week. Comments on some games interspersed and prediction tallies at the bottom (SPOILER: I'm getting my derriere kicked!)

Packers at Saints
The Wife: Packers
Me: Saints
Steve: Packers
WINNER: Packers

Falcons at Bears
The Wife: Falcons
Me: Falcons
Steve: Falcons
WINNER: Bears (I guess I have to apologize for saying "Bears are pretenders")

Bengals at Browns
The Wife: Browns
Me: Browns
Steve: Browns
WINNER: Bengals (A season is a marathon, not a sprint, so I'm not panicking . . . yet!)

Bills at Chiefs
The Wife: Chiefs
Me: Chiefs
Steve: Bills
WINNER: Bills (I like Fitzpatrick)

Eagles at Rams
The Wife: Eagles
Me: Eagles
Steve: Eagles
WINNER: Eagles

Lions at Buccaneers
The Wife: Bucs
Me: Bucs
Steve: Lions

Titans at Jaguars
The Wife: Titans
Me: Titans
Steve: Titans
WINNER: Jaguars ("Who the hell is Luke McCown?" I asked. A week 1 winning QB, he answers)

Steelers at Ravens
The Wife: Ravens
Me: Steelers
Steve: Steelers
WINNER: Ravens (no one expected a beat-down of that magnitude)

Colts at Texans
The Wife: Texans
Me: Texans
Steve: Colts
WINNER: Texans

Giants at Redskins
The Wife: Redskins
Me: Giants
Steve: Giants
WINNER: Redskins

Seahawks at 49ers
The Wife: Seahawks
Me: 49ers
Steve: 49ers
WINNER: 49ers ("worst game of the week" I said, and yet I watched it anyway . . .)

Vikings at Chargers
The Wife: Chargers
Me: Chargers
Steve: Chargers
WINNER: Chargers

Panthers at Cardinals
The Wife: Cardinals
Me: Cardinals
Steve: Cardinals
WINNER: Cardinals (wish I woulda watched this one--a lot of T.V. analysts need to acknowledge just how wrong they were about Cam Newton's ability to play pro football)

Cowboys at Jets
The Wife: Jets
Me: Cowboys
Steve: Cowboys
WINNER: Jets (a great game)

Patriots at Dolphins
The Wife: Patriots
Me: Patriots
Steve: Patriots
WINNER: Patriots (TomTerrific is unstoppable)

Raiders at Broncos
The Wife: Raiders
Me: Broncos
Steve: Broncos
WINNER: Raiders (every year, I find the second game in the Monday night double-header gets a bit strange)


The Wife: 10-6
Me: 6-10
Steve: 8-8

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