Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fantasy Football 2011 Week Three

Head-to-head against The Wife for a 3-0 record and first place in the division . . . and this year I came to play! Or more accurately, I did a little above average and she did way below average. In any event, an 89-54 victory is still a victory. Once again, Rob Gronkowski kicked ass at the Tight End position (22 points)--those strategists who advise drafting TEs late have apparently never heard of this guy (though I actually picked him up off waivers . . .) With Arian Foster still banged up, I started his back-up, Tate, who performed okay, and with Felix Jones banged-up, I started the streaky Darren Sproles who came in big. Pathetic production in the wide receiver position, but I had a big enough lead that it didn't really matter.

So at 3-0 I'm off to my best start ever, but it's really due more to my having good luck in who I'm playing than that I'm amassing loads of points. Each week there's several teams in the league scoring more than I am, they just don't happen to be the team I'm up against.

Next week I'm up against the Father-in-Law's 0-3 team; but he's got Tom Brady, so anything could happen.


P. Rivers QB: 6
T. Hightower RB: 13
D. Sproles RB: 14
B. Tate WR: 8
D. Jackson WR: 3
D. Branch WR: 0
R. Gronkowski TE: 22
Chargers D/ST: 6
J. Hanson K: 17

I'M WITH BOOMER (54 Points)

M. Vick QB: 8
M. Forte RB: 8
D. Woodhead RB: 4
K. Britt WR: -1
H. Nicks WR: 2
V. Jackson WR: 6
J. Graham TE: 16
Eagles D/ST: 2
D. Akers K: 9

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