Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fantasy Football 2011: Week 1

A solid win over my brother-in-law in Week 1, in spite of two of my wideouts (Lee Evans and Chad Ochocinco) combining for just 1 point. I think Lee Evans will produce before long, but I'm worried about Ochocinco--he wasn't even in most of the Patriots plays, and they have enough weapons that he's not necessary to their success. Evans I had to start because my first round draft choice, Arian Foster, was a no-show for week 1. I lucked out in noticing that someone inexplicably waived Rob Gronkowski so I was able to pick him up and make him my starter at tight end. I tried to play more "situational" by starting my Chargers D/ST (since they played lackadaisical Minnesota) as opposed to my Jets D/ST (since they played the potentially explosive Cowboys), but it backfired as the Jets D/ST would have given me an extra 9 points.

The Wife continues her yearly trend of fast starts by getting the highest point total in the league in a 105-55 win over her dad.


QB Philip Rivers: 17
RB Felix Jones: 10
RB Tim Hightower: 15
RB/WR Lee Evans: 0
WR DeSean Jackson: 16
WR Chad Ochocinco: 1
TE Rob Gronkowski: 14
D/ST Chargers: 8
K Sebastian Janikowski: 13

TEAM SAKELL (79 Points)

QB Donovan McNabb: 6
RB Darren McFadden: 15
RB Ahmad Bradshaw: 11
RB/WR Pierre Garcon: 3
WR Percy Harvin: 7
WR Plaxico Burress: 13
TE Jermaine Gresham: 11
D/ST Saints: 4
K Billy Cundiff: 9

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Steve - an Av in Nebr said...

...and I started my ESPN year just like my Yahoo ones normally went. I won but barely as the team I played scored a ton of points as well. Going into Monday with about a 15 point lead and each of us with just a player left I felt pretty safe, but 28 points (or whatever) from Wes Welker nearly sunk me and I ended up only winning by 3 points. That could have been ugly.

Need to figure out my changes for the coming week as this could be the biggest week of the season for me... ;)