Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fantasy Football 2011 Week Two

With a twelve point lead going into the Monday night game and no one left to play on my team, it all came down to Sacked Again's Cadillac Williams. Could he get it done? Nope, not even close, so the Ultimate Sun Runners walked away with an 82-73 victory, a 2-0 record, and second place in the division. This was a game I really didn't deserve to win, as my two "star" running backs (Felix Jones and Arian Foster) combined for just 5 points and my two "star" wide receivers (Jackson and Ochocinco) combined for just six more. Fortunately, an awesome performance out of my tight end (why the heck did someone waive Gronk?) and my Jets defense was enough. The downside, however, is that I walked away with several injuries: Felix Jones, Arian Foster, D. Jackson, and even my kicker, Janikowski, are in various states of injury.

Next week I play The Wife's team, also 2-0, for the division lead. The one bright spot here is that even though I'll certainly be the underdog, her best player, Mike Vick, might not play. I've been busy on the waiver wire and have added Deion Branch, Jason Hanson, and Ben Tate to my team. I've tried to trade away for a solid first-string running back--I even offered quite the prize, Ryan Fitzpatrick--but so far no luck.


P. Rivers QB 18
F. Jones RB 2
T. Hightower RB 10
A. Foster RB 3
D. Jackson WR 2
C. Ochocinco WR 4
R. Gronkowski TE 20
Jets D/ST 18
S. Janikowski K 5

SACKED AGAIN (73 points)

D. Brees QB 22
C. Johnson RB 6
D. Williams RB 3
C. Williams RB/WR 3
B. Marshall WR 13
S. Moss WR 12
D. Clark TE 9
Ravens D/ST -1
A. Henery K 6


Steve - an Av in Nebr said...

All came down to the wrong decision on my part ... starting the Ravens D instead of the Lions. A 21 point difference in just that position. Still a good match and I look forward to the rematch.

I feel the pain of injuries as well. I have 7 players this morning from probable to out with different injuries.

Jeremy Patrick said...

I can't blame you there--starting the Ravens D against the Titans (with Hasselbeck still getting a handle on things and C.J. not at full speed) seems like a no-brainer. But them's the breaks . . .