Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Castle Ravenloft Adventure # 9: "Gauntlet of Terror"

It's been a while, but The Wife and I finally managed to find some time to play the next adventure in the Castle Ravenloft board game. Adventure # 9 pits the heroes up against a dungeon teeming with monsters trying to escape and ravage the village of Barovia. The heroes are charged with the task of entering the dungeon and preventing this attack by killing twenty monsters before 5 or more of the monsters escape.

This adventure is very different than the others because instead of turning over tiles and placing monsters, fifteen tiles are already placed and the monsters are already on the board in the form of hidden tokens (which could reveal anywhere from 0 to 3 monsters). Due to how the tiles are set up, it's fairly easy to set up a defensive perimeter to try to keep any monsters from making it to the Start tile. We played this one with four heroes and had the Fighter watch one approach, the Rogue watch another, the Ranger watch the third, and had the Cleric float back and forth to help out where needed. Victory came easily with this approach, as we killed 20 monsters without needing to use a Healing Surge or having any of the monsters escape.

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