Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fantasy Football 2011 Week 5

I managed to pull out a win I wasn't really expecting in week 5, defeating a team that had Aaron Rogers, Wes Welker, and Greg Jennings. The score was officially 82-81, but it wasn't really that close as I still had my kicker (Jason Hanson) available for the Monday night game and chose not to play him so I didn't risk him getting negative points (not necessary in hindsight, as he scored 6 points). Having Arian Foster back in the line-up was great as he came through with 17 points, and my two WRs contributed for 27. Next week, Felix Jones gets back in the starting line-up as does my star kicker Janikowski.

The win moves me to 5-0, but still with only a 1 game lead in my division as The Wife won again.


QB P. Rivers: 17
RB A. Foster: 17
RB D. Sproles: 9
RB/WR I. Redman: 5
WR D. Jackson: 14
WR D. Branch: 13
TE R. Gronkowski: 3
D/ST Chargers: 4
K [Empty]: 0


QB A. Rogers: 23
RB J. Stewart: 3
RB J. Starks: 5
RB/WR L. Blount: 6
WR G. Jennings: 14
WR W. Welker: 12
TE M. Lewis: 0
D/ST Packers: 8
K N. Rackers: 10

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