Friday, October 28, 2011

Fantasy Football 2011 Week 7

My best week of the season offensively, as Tim Tebow put some points up in the final five minutes of his game and Arian Foster game through with a monster 40. I won the game easily, though my opponent had given up weeks ago. Next week, I hope to get some better production out of my wide receivers . . .

Ultimate Sun Runners (110 Points)

QB T. Tebow: 21
RB A. Foster: 40
RB D. Sproles: 21
RB/WR: R. Torain: 0
WR N. Burleson: 1
WR D. Baldwin: 0
TE E. Dickson: 2
D/ST Jets: 7
K J. Scobee: 18

Team Wright (64 Points)

QB M. Schaub: 19
RB J. Charles: Injured
RB L. McCoy: Bye
RB/WR M. Williams: 7
WR C. Johson: 17
WR M. Wallace: 17
TE Z. Miller: 0
D/ST Raiders: 3
K R. Bironas: 1

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