Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dungeon Crawl Classics # 2: "The Lost Vault of Tsathzar Rho" (Part 3)

See here for part 2.

The introductory adventure I've been running for three brand-new role-players and The Wife continued tonight, with another newbie (playing a Fighter named Anex) thrown into the mix. Having heard rumors of an underground river, one of the PCs decided to investigate whether the village well in Hadler's Gap was connected to it. The module doesn't describe Hadler's Gap at all, but it was a really clever idea and she made a really high Perception check, so I allowed it and gave the group a shortcut to area 1-8. They dispatched the giant centipedes with ease, though the sorceror, Greek-Gott, nearly drowned in the river. The kobolds in areas 1-12 and 1-14 were also killed quickly, with the kobold sorcerer Slazzik Balefire dying from a single strike of Anex's greatsword. A bit anticlimactic, but I'm sure there are tougher challenges ahead. We ended the session with the PCs in area 1-15, having rescued some prisoners of the kobolds and ready to take the mushroom rafts downriver to begin Level Two. The group has made slow progress, due in part to long breaks for dinner and the comically tortuous decision making process for Greek-Gott that gets worse as the night goes on and his player's blood-alcohol level rises :)

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