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Wally "Silver Tongue" Panzotti [RPG, Cthulhu]

I'm currently lurking in and might play in a new Masks of Nyarlahotep PbEM campaign using Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu rule set. I've never been part of a Play by E-Mail RPG before, so I'm very curious to see how it works--I figure it's worth a try, as I had also never played online using a virtual tabletop before and it turned out to be a blast as our Forgotten Realms campaign is still going strong.
Wally "Silver Tongue" Panzotti

Occupation: Former Mob Lawyer

Birthplace: Brooklyn

Degrees: Bachelor's Degree, Law Degree (night school)

Age: 44


Strength: 9
Dexterity: 11
Intelligence: 13
Constitution: 10
Appearance: 12
POW: 11
Size: 9
EDU: 15


Idea: 65%
Luck: 55%
Know: 75%
Sanity: 55%

Hit Points: 10

Magic Points: 11

Damage Bonus: None

SKILLS (Occupation Skills using "Shifty Accountant/Lawyer" from 1920s
Investigator's Handbook: Accounting, Bargain, Credit Rating, Fast Talk, Law,
Own Language, Persuade, Psychology)

Accounting: 10+20=30%
Anthropology: 01%
Archaeology: 01%
Art: 05%
Astronomy: 01%
Bargain: 5+10=15%
Biology: 01%
Chemistry: 01%
Climb: 40%
Conceal: 15+10=25%
Craft: 05%
Credit Rating: 15+40=55%
Cthuhlu Mythos: 00%
Disguise: 01%
Dodge: 22+10=32%
Drive Auto: 20+20=40%
Electr. Repair: 10%
Fast Talk: 5+70=75%
First Aid: 30+10=40%
Geology: 01%
Hide: 10%
History: 20%
Jump: 25%
Law: 05+70=75%
Library Use: 25+40=65%
Listen: 25+10=35%
Locksmith: 01%
Martial Arts: 01%
Mech. Repair: 20%
Medicine: 05%
Natural History: 10%
Navigate: 10%
Occult: 05%
Opr. Heavy Mech.: 01%
Other Language: 01%
Own Language (English): 75%
Persuade: 15+70=85%
Pharmacy: 01%
Photography: 10%
Physics: 01%
Pilot: 01%
Psychoanalysis: 01%
Psychology: 05+20=25%
Ride: 05%
Sneak: 10%
Spot Hidden: 25+10=35%
Swim: 25%
Throw: 25%
Track: 10%


Handgun: 20+20=40%
Machine Gun: 15%
Rifle: 25%
Shotgun: 30%
SMG: 15%
Fist: 50%
Grapple: 25%
Headbutt: 10%
Kick: 25%

INCOME: $ 3500/year
Cash on Hand: $ 100
Savings: $ 1,650
Stocks & Bonds (convertible to cash in 30 days): $ 1750
Personal Property: $ 14000 (Brownstone in Brooklyn, Lancia Lambda car, .22
pistol, miscellaneous)


A slightly paunchy man in his mid-40s, Wally "Silver Tongue" Panzotti dresses
well in expensive, tailor-made suits (though those with keen observational
skills might notice he only has two of them and alternates every day). Wally
usually talks to people while looking slightly off to the side to better hide
the large scar on the left side of his face.


The son of Italian immigrants, Wally grew up on the rough-and-tumble streets of
Brooklyn. While his childhood best friend Antonio LaBalogna ("Tony Balogna")
quickly scaled the ranks of the Mafia, Wally worked hard to put himself through
school, eventually finishing with a law degree by taking night classes. One
thing led to another, and soon Wally found himself representing minor mob goons
in various trials. As the years passed, Wally was trusted with more and more
secrets of mob boss Tony Balogna's operation. The partnership was lucrative for
Wally, and by 1923 he lived in a house in Brooklyn, drove an imported Italian
car, and wore flashy suits.

One day in 1924, a source inside the D.A.'s office leaked a devastating secret:
prosecutors were about to indict Tony Balogna and several of his lieutenants,
including Wally himself. Panicked, Wally turned himself in and agreed to
testify against his illicit employer in exchange for immunity. Although Balogna
was convicted and sent away, Wally didn't get away scot-free: from inside
prison, Balogna ordered a message sent to Wally. One night, two goons pinned
Wally down and poured a vial of acid on his face.

Ever since, Wally has tried to keep a low profile. His income has dropped off,
he has few clients, and he's always looking over his shoulder for the next
message from Balogna.


Wally is a charismatic fellow, a smooth-talker who is charming and personable.
He isn't evil at heart, but was willing to overlook the terrible things his
former associates did as long as he didn't have to get his hands dirty himself.
He's also pretty smart, but growing up on the streets of Brooklyn he learned to
hide it out of fear of being labelled an "egghead." In his present situation,
Wally is looking to perhaps leave New York or at least find influential friends
who can help protect him from Tony Balogna's wrath.

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