Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NFL 2011 Week Six Round-Up

Wherein Steve extends his lead, but I'm no longer in last place . . .

Rams vs. Packers
The Wife: Packers
Me: Packers
Steve: Packers
WINNER: Packers (I think we can can conclude 100% that there is no Super Bowl hangover here . . .)

Bills vs. Giants
The Wife: Bills
Me: Bills
Steve: Giants
WINNER: Giants

Colts vs. Bengals
The Wife: Bengals
Me: Bengals
Steve: Colts
WINNER: Bengals (Yes, I am mildly annoyed the Bengals are doing well . . . this was supposed to be the Browns year to be the surprising team in the AFC North!)

Panthers vs. Falcons
The Wife: Panthers
Me: Falcons
Steve: Panthers
WINNER: Falcons

49ers vs. Lions
The Wife: Lions
Me: Lions
Steve: Lions
WINNER: 49ers (a good game; both teams showed they belong at 5-1)

Eagles vs. Redskins
The Wife: Redskins
Me: Eagles
Steve: Eagles
WINNER: Eagles (Re: Redskins--confused why a head coach would make a permanent QB change for a 4-2 team . . .)

Jags vs. Steelers
The Wife: Steelers
Me: Steelers
Steve: Steelers
WINNER: Steelers

Browns vs. Raiders
The Wife: Raiders
Me: Raiders
Steve: Raiders
WINNER: Raiders (I can't believe the Browns actually had a chance to tie that one up at the end . . .)

Texans vs. Ravens
The Wife: Texans
Me: Ravens
Steve: Ravens
WINNER: Ravens

Saints vs. Bucs
The Wife: Saints
Me: Saints
Steve: Bucs
WINNER: Bucs (Steve, I was positive when I saw your pick that I was going to steal one from you here . . .)

Cowboys vs. Patriots
The Wife: Patriots
Me: Patriots
Steve: Patriots
WINNER: Patriots

Vikings vs. Bears
The Wife: Bears
Me: Vikings
Steve: Bears
WINNER: Bears (the Bears actually look better this year than they did last year . . .)

Dolphins vs. Jets
The Wife: Jets
Me: Jets
Steve: Jets
WINNER: Jets (Matt Moore actually played a really good game; his receivers just couldn't catch the freakin' ball)


The Wife: 7-9
Me: 9-7
Steve: 10-6


The Wife: 49-44
Me: 51-42
Steve: 62-31

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