Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Clockwork Man [Games]


The Wife and I are going to review The Clockwork Man, a short puzzle game we recently downloaded and finished on our Mac.

The Wife: I love playing puzzle games with you - it's a great way to get some quality time - and since the games usually aren't that intellectually challenging, we end up feeling like geniuses. This game was decent - pretty standard as far as the puzzles went, but with some interesting twists. What did you think of the different puzzle types?

Jhaeman: Well, most of it was standard seek-and-find puzzles, with a twist: some of the scenes could be scrolled left to right or zoomed in and out. Kinda neat. I actually quite enjoyed the end, as some brainwork was involved in solving the "ancient Mayan puzzles" which were just difficult enough to, as you said, make us feel like geniuses when we solved them. What did you think of the quasi-steampunk setting and characters?

The Wife: Meh. Didn't communicate much flavour to me, other than her little robot sidekick. I didn't feel like we got as much "character development" as we did in say "Berlin Nights" - which managed to actually be a bit risque. Or maybe that was just us. Anyway, story aside, I agree with you about MOST of the end puzzles. The Mayan Door puzzle was good, but the labyrinth was stale and not challenging at all. ........Interested in downloading the sequel?

Jhaeman: Yep, as long as it's reasonably cheap.

The Wife: Cheap is good. Let's keep the Boomer in diapers.

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