Saturday, December 17, 2011

NFL 2011 Week 15 Predictions

Jax @ Atl
The Wife: Atl
Me: Atl
Steve: Atl ("Jacksonville shocked the hell out of me last week, but won't do it again.")

Dal @ TB
The Wife: Cowboys
Me: Dal
Steve: Dal ("Dallas let last week's game slip through their fingers but TB looked awful.")

Car @ Hou
The Wife: Texans
Me: Car (I like Yates, but I think Newton puts up enough points to win)
Steve: Hou

Wash @ NYG
The Wife: Giants
Steve: NYG ("This is another game that I could see going either way but homefield and the comeback last week ... edge to New York. Do like what Husker Helu has been doing though.")

Mia @ Buf
The Wife: Bills
Me: Buf (really have no idea here . . .)
Steve: Mia ("Miami has really turned things around, and while not a great team Buffalo isn't either.")

Sea @ Chi
The Wife: Bears
Me: Sea (Lynch provides enough offense . . .)
Steve: Sea ("Chicago beat themselves last week, this week Seattle does it for them.")

NO @ Minn
The Wife: Saints
Me: NO (blow-out on the horizon . . .)
Steve: NO ("I could see Minnesota pulling this one out, so if Brees struggles in this one I'll expect to be wrong here.")

Cin @ StL
The Wife: Bengals
Me: Cin (Bengals on the very edge of realistic playoff elimination . . .)
Steve: Cin ("Though Cincy failed to prove they were a contender when you called them out a while back, this isn't a strong team they face.")

Tenn @ Indy
The Wife: Titans
Me: Tenn
Steve: Indy ("I maintain that Indy will win 1 game this year, and while this might not be it I'm stubborn.")

The Wife: Packers
Me: GB (sold on perfect regular season as well, can't wait to see them against some good teams in the playoffs)
Steve: GB (Detroit might be the one to ruin 16-0, but I'm pretty sold on a perfect record this year.)

Det @ Oak
The Wife: Raiders
Me: Oak (not sure why, but I need to make up a game here and there . . .))
Steve: Det ("Detroit should overpower Oakland even with a poor running game.")

NE @ Den
The Wife: Patriots
Me: NE (Brady & Pats won't make big 4th QTR mistakes . . .)
Steve: NE ("If Denver pulls this off may as well give them the Super Bowl because they'll have proven divine intervention on their side...")

NYJ @ Phi
The Wife: Jets
Me: NYJ (Jets are looking solid, if not spectacular)
Steve: Phi ("May go either way ... not that I care for either one.")

Cle @ Ari
The Wife: Cardinals
Me: Ari (hate to say it . . .)
Steve: Ari ("Think Cleveland could use a game against a weaker opponent? I do too ... and while Arizona is one, to go weaker than Cleveland this year you might have to check the local high schools. :-P ")

Balt @ SD
The Wife: Ravens
Me: Balt
Steve: SD ("The Chargers edge out the Ravens in a low scoring affair.")

Pitt @ SF
The Wife: Steelers
Me: Pitt (who's he kidding? Rothlesberger will end up playing . . .)
Steve: Pitt ("Pretty sad really that given I was a '9ers fan (and still am to an extent) for so long that I would pick against them so many times this year.")

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