Friday, December 23, 2011

NFL 2011 Week 16 Predictions

The Wife hacked an earlier version of this post, so whilst everything she said is true, she's in big trouble! Now, on to Week 16 . . .

Texans @ Colts
The Wife: Texans
Me: Colts
Steve: Texans ("While tempted to pick Indy again here they got their 1 win of the season last week so I'd be pushing my luck...")

Raiders @ Chiefs
The Wife: Raiders
Me: Chiefs (on the theory that Romeo Crennel's defense may be stifling . . .)
Steve: Raiders ("KC ruined GBs perfect season but they won't build on it.")

Jaguars @ Titans
The Wife: Jaguars
Me: Titans (now or never . . .)
Steve: Jaguars ("Two teams that don't impress me. Don't really know who to give the edge to here, so I'll go with the team that has the big win a couple weeks ago.")

Dolphins @ Patriots
The Wife: Patriots
Me: Patriots
Steve: Patriots ("While Miami has definitely turned things around, they won't beat a superior team in New England")

Cardinals @ Bengals
The Wife: Bengals
Me: Cardinals (who woulda thunk Skelton would have this team in playoff contention?)
Steve: Cardinals ("Another one that could go either way, I almost chose Cincy but I think Atlanta plays better than last week."

Broncos @ Bills
The Wife: Broncos
Me: Broncos
Steve: Broncos ("I hate to say it, but I think Denver completes the turnaround and after a horrid start wins the division.")

Rams @ Steelers
The Wife: Steelers
Me: Steelers (even starting their backup QB, the Steelers get the nod)
Steve: Steelers

Giants @ Jets
The Wife: Giants
Me: Jets (an interesting match-up here . . .)
Steve: Jets ("The Jets win the battle of New York")

Vikings @ Redskins
The Wife: Redskins
Me: Redskins
Steve: Redskins ("Two teams that haven't really done anything to impress me, but Washington and Helu run over Minnesota.")

Bucs @ Panthers
The Wife: Panthers
Me: Panthers
Steve: Panthers

Browns @ Ravens
The Wife: Ravens
Me: Ravens (Boo!)
Steve: Ravens ("Baltimore got crushed by the Chargers, but the Browns are not the Chargers and Baltimore will play better.")

Chargers @ Lions
The Wife: Chargers
Me: Chargers
Steve: Chargers ("Detroit may yet miss the playoffs and San Diego is playing better as the season goes on. For the record I'm rooting for the Lions, and my $20 bet that they would have a better record than the Broncos made before the season, and that looked so good 5 weeks in, really isn't looking great right now.")

Eagles @ Cowboys
The Wife: Cowboys
Me: Cowboys
Steve: Eagles ("Two teams that should be better, the coin flip came up Philly...")

49ers @ Seahawks
The Wife: 49ers
Me: 49ers
Steve: 49ers ("I haven't given San Francisco much credit this year, and writing this before the game against Pitt I could be swayed either way by their performance tonight, but against Seattle I think they come away with the win and only getting embarressed by the Steelers would change that answer for me.")

Bears @ Packers
The Wife: Packers
Me: Packers
Steve: Packers ("Overlooking KC for this game is what I believe happened this past week, however they'll take out the lost perfect season on the Bears.")

Falcons @ Saints
The Wife: Saints
Me: Saints
Steve: Saints ("Brees will follow up a good week with another good week and win this one handily.")

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