Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NFL 2011 Week 16 Round-Up

Just one week in the regular season and then the playoffs left, and The Wife and I are still fighting to not be in last place!

Texans @ Colts
The Wife: Texans
Me: Colts
Steve: Texans
WINNER: Colts (I just don't see the Texans going far in the playoffs . . .)

Raiders @ Chiefs
The Wife: Raiders
Me: Chiefs
Steve: Raiders
WINNER: Raiders

Jaguars @ Titans
The Wife: Jaguars
Me: Titans
Steve: Jaguars
WINNER: Titans

Dolphins @ Patriots
The Wife: Patriots
Me: Patriots
Steve: Patriots
WINNER: Patriots

Cardinals @ Bengals
The Wife: Bengals
Me: Cardinals
Steve: Cardinals
WINNER: Bengals

Broncos @ Bills
The Wife: Broncos
Me: Broncos
Steve: Broncos
WINNER: Bills (sets up a fun Tebow vs. Orton showdown next week . . .)

Rams @ Steelers
The Wife: Steelers
Me: Steelers
Steve: Steelers
WINNER: Steelers (did anyone foresee the Rams being this bad this year?)

Giants @ Jets
The Wife: Giants
Me: Jets
Steve: Jets
WINNER: Giants

Vikings @ Redskins
The Wife: Redskins
Me: Redskins
Steve: Redskins
WINNER: Vikings

Bucs @ Panthers
The Wife: Panthers
Me: Panthers
Steve: Panthers
WINNER: Panthers (going to be in contention in the division next year)

Browns @ Ravens
The Wife: Ravens
Me: Ravens
Steve: Ravens
WINNER: Ravens

Chargers @ Lions
The Wife: Chargers
Me: Chargers
Steve: Chargers

Eagles @ Cowboys
The Wife: Cowboys
Me: Cowboys
Steve: Eagles
WINNER: Eagles

49ers @ Seahawks
The Wife: 49ers
Me: 49ers
Steve: 49ers
WINNER: 49ers

Bears @ Packers
The Wife: Packers
Me: Packers
Steve: Packers
WINNER: Packers

Falcons @ Saints
The Wife: Saints
Me: Saints
Steve: Saints
WINNER: Saints (Brees deserves all the hoopla setting that passing record brings him)


The Wife: 10-6
Me: 9-7
Steve: 9-7


The Wife: 143-100
Me: 143-100
Steve: 154-89

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