Friday, December 23, 2011

Fantasy Football 2011 Playoffs Round 1

Well, an amazing run like mine had to end sooner or later, and I got beat down pretty badly in the first round of the playoffs by the # 4 seed (a 7-6 team that just edged into the top bracket). It was a blowout even after the first week of the two-week round, and the final score was a somewhat embarrassing 244-158. My only consolation was that even if I had put up my best numbers of the season in each week (a little over 100), I still would have lost against a team that averaged an amazing 122 points each week.

The loss drops me to the Winner's Consolation Bracket, where I'll go up against The Wife's team for the third time this season, as we battle it out to be ranked # 3 in the ten team league.


WEEK 14 (131 Points)

QB T. Romo: 28
RB R. Rice: 18
RB M. Lynch: 17
RB/WR R. Mathews: 14
WR R. White: 14
WR L. Fitzgerald: 20
TE J. Finley: 0
D/ST Bengals: 10
K Jason Hanson: 10

WEEK 15 (113 Points)

QB T. Romo: 25
RB R. Rice: 10
RB S. Greene: 7
RB/WR R. Mathews: 22
WR R. White: 25
WR L. Fitzgerald: 6
TE J. Finley: 8
D/ST Bengals: 6
K J. Hanson: 4


WEEK 14 (79 Points)

QB T. Tebow: 13
RB A. Foster: 5
RB D. Murray: 2
RB/WR D. Sproles: 8
WR D. Branch: 0
WR V. Cruz: 7
TE R. Gronkowski: 28
D/ST Jets: 14
K S. Janikowski: 2

WEEK 15 (79 Points)

QB T. Tebow: 26
RB A. Foster: 19
RB M. Barber: 3
RB/WR J. Jones: 1
WR V. Cruz: 4
WR A. Brown: 5
TE R. Gronkowski: 5
D/ST Jets: 5
K S. Janikowski: 11

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