Thursday, December 22, 2011

NFL 2011 Week 15 Round-Up

Steve runs away with it this week, and, barring a total collapse, better start thinking of what blog post he'd like to see . . .

Jax @ Atl
The Wife: Atl
Me: Atl
Steve: Atl
WINNER: Falcons

Dal @ TB
The Wife: Cowboys
Me: Dal
Steve: Dal
WINNER: Cowboys

Car @ Hou
The Wife: Texans
Me: Car
Steve: Hou
WINNER: Panthers

Wash @ NYG
The Wife: Giants
Steve: NYG
WINNER: Redskins

Mia @ Buf
The Wife: Bills
Me: Buf
Steve: Mia
WINNER: Dolphins (Bush is looking pretty good, I must admit)

Sea @ Chi
The Wife: Bears
Me: Sea
Steve: Sea
WINNER: Seahawks

NO @ Minn
The Wife: Saints
Me: NO
Steve: NO
WINNER: Saints

Cin @ StL
The Wife: Bengals
Me: Cin
Steve: Cin
WINNER: Bengals

Tenn @ Indy
The Wife: Titans
Me: Tenn
Steve: Indy
WINNER: Colts (Steve's faith pays off finally!)

The Wife: Packers
Me: GB
Steve: GB
WINNER: Chiefs (huh?)

Det @ Oak
The Wife: Raiders
Me: Oak
Steve: Det
WINNER: Lions (would make an interesting wild card team)

NE @ Den
The Wife: Patriots
Me: NE
Steve: NE
WINNER: Patriots (they got shredded in the first qtr, but Denver fumbles turned this one into a rout)

NYJ @ Phi
The Wife: Jets
Steve: Phi
WINNER: Eagles

Cle @ Ari
The Wife: Cardinals
Me: Ari
Steve: Ari
WINNER: Cardinals (well, there's always next year . . .)

Balt @ SD
The Wife: Ravens
Me: Balt
Steve: SD
WINNER: Chargers

Pitt @ SF
The Wife: Steelers
Me: Pitt
Steve: Pitt
WINNER: 49ers (could they be for real?)

The Wife: 6-10
Me: 8-8
Steve: 12-4

The Wife: 133-94
Me: 134-93
Steve: 145-82

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